Whether you are new to the hobby, or a seasoned aquarist, Captain Bob’s Fishtales has something for you. We raise Corys, Angels, Rams, Endlers, and Bristlenose Plecostomus. We make custom breeding caves, swim-throughs, and silk plant arrangements.

Need a great substrate for your planted tanks? Try Captain Bob’s “Plant-tastic” substrate-it comes in granules, and grows plants like mad-without the use of chemicals.

Bob’s Sink or Swim Fish Foods are enjoyed by fish from New York to Hawaii, and in five different countries. Bob’s hand-crafted foods contain no chemicals, and no added fillers or cellulose which your fish cannot digest. Bob uses only dehydrated, fresh meats and vegetables, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Check out Bob’s fish food page for details.

And finally, do you have fish questions? Email or call Bob-he’s always good for a few fish tales of his own!

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