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April, 2014: Where The Heck has Bob Been?


Uh, I ran out of gas…the dog ate it…I was paddling upstream…my watch broke…the kid borrowed the car….I was held up by a band of–aw, forget the excuses.

The truth I can sum up in a few words…I am computer  illiterate, and it’s taken me a few years to learn how to administrate my humble pages. I’m still rockin’ and rollin’ with the fish food, though, and I have some new offerings or 2014. Check out my fish food pages for details.

I still attend swap meets; the past couple years have found me in Milwaukee, Madison, and Wausau, Wisconsin, Chicago, Hillside, and  Alsip, Illinois, St. Louis, and Kansas City, Missouri,  and several other places in between and beyond. I have been a guest speaker on fish nutrition for fish clubs, I am now officially published, and I’ve set up tanks for kids and adults. I’ve met and spoken with hundreds of people, made some new friends, and enjoyed the company of my old friends, and like-minded fish guys (and gals…sorry ladies!).

I love sharing this hobby, and I never get tired of talking fish. The Internet has opened a whole new world for me, and if I ever get a handle on the computer-thing, I’ll be in great shape…maybe by the time I retire from my real job, which will hopefully be soon!

I’ve also been trying to streamline the fish room, but every time I decide to take down another tank, I come up with several excuses why I have two Brocus in a 55, and some rescued Africans in their own tank, swimming around and doing nothing but trying out my new foods.

It may have seemed like I have been missing in action, but no algae has been growing under my feet!






The Funny Thing About Forums


The funny thing about forums is me, I think. That is, I visit fish forums on a daily basis, but I rarely post anything-and I visit many. I go on these sites in stealth mode, because I find many people don’t really want information, they want pen pals. Sometimes it’s a case of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything,” but mostly I just browse. Unless, of course, someone has a question specifically for me, or someone really needs advice, I stay in the background. The forums I visit are educational, in-depth, and have diverse and interesting topics.

I am a daily visitor to some of the best forums out there. I visit the Aquaboards on AquaBid, I visit Aquatic Terrors, The Chicago Livebearer Society, and the GCCA I always look to see what’s going on at Aquaria Central , , NBM Aquatics at, and the The Quad City Fishkeepers

So if you are in the market for some great fish-talk, join a forum. You’ll meet some great fishkeepers and talk about some cool topics…just probably not with me.

Happy fishkeeping!

The Captain



October 15, 2011 

Well,  well! It’s been quite a while since I updated what was going on in the world of Captain Bob. At the rate I’m going, this might turn into a biannual Christmas letter!

Much has happened in our lives, and many changes have taken place, or will in the near future.

Our beautiful daughter Shannon, (who was, I swear in fourth grade a couple years ago), is suddenly a Jr. in college! A music education/jazz performance major, she has to take one class a semester out of her area of study. In the past she has taken some very interesting classes in history, poetry, physics, diversity and social sciences. The announcement of what class she has signed up for in a given semester is met in our family with much fanfare, guessing, teasing, and finally choosing a class.

This year my bet was on some zoological class-probably in the feline area of study. There was discussion on art; perhaps clay or drawing, or American History; the Civil War was always a favorite of her Granpa Bill’s.

We waited….and waited….and finally the grand announcement was made. She smiled large and took a breath. “The out-of-major class I’m taking this semester is……..

…..African Dance!”

A heavy, shocked  silence descended upon the room.

“Uh, African Dance? as in tribal?”

She grinned. “Yup, cool eh?”

“But Shan, you can’t dance.”

“The guy said I don’t have to know how.”

“Then go for it, Shan. It should prove very uh,  interesting!”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

I thought,“Since Shannon’s four speeds are trip, stumble, pass gas, and fall down, it’s a good thing she doesn’t have to know how to dance…..

I do know one thing……I can not wait to see her first recital!


October 4, 2009

There are a few times during the year that I get a wild hair and do something on a whim. This past Friday was one of those days. Let me explain….


My wife and I have been thinking for some time that we would like to get more involved in keeping discus. We have noticed several changes in the discus industry over the past several years, and one that has been become more and more obvious is that the discus hobby is becoming a sport of kings-which peasants like me can ill afford.


“Where on earth can one find an affordable, quality discus?” I asked.

“They don’t exist anymore!” one of my buddies said.

“The big boys have a corner on the market!” another contended.


Well, over the past several months (almost a year now), I have been trying to establish a contact wherein I could purchase smaller, reasonable, quality discus fish, educate Average Joe Hobbiest  about the keeping of said fish, and spread the joy of these beautiful South Americans to people who before were excluded from this exclusive club.


To make a long story short, I passed my idea around to the minions with great feedback. I then spent the next several months contacting some of the most well known discus breeders in the country and pitched my great idea. I was not only shot down, I was blown out of the water! Imangine that….


I then heard about a gentleman in Kentucky who had the same idea as mine. The cool thing about this guy was that he also had several tanks full of high quality discus babies at an affordable price.


So here’s the wild hair part.  The gentleman in Kentucky had a “pick-up only” policy on his discus. After thinking about the proximity of Wisconsin to Kentucky for about ten seconds, I asked Gale if we had anything going on at the end of the week. She said no and I started throwing stuff in a duffel bag.


“ROAD TRIP!” I yelled and off we went. It was past excellent because on the way down, we stopped in Oolitic, Indiana and grabbed our truly terrific friend Jeff Arsenault (A.K.A. Coryloachfreak), and dragged him along too (actually, he beat me out to the car).


It was a long drive and we hit some terrible construction in Chicago on our way home (in the rain), but Gale and I are now the proud parents of some of the prettiest little discus babies I have seen in a long time.


We have several people lined up to  give them new homes, and several more that are still in the educational phase of our project, but we are spreading the wealth here in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois about the beauty and wonder of these incredible fish.

Marlboro, Tangerine, and Blue Scribble babies

Marlboro, Tangerine, and Blue Scribble babies


Blue Diamond mated pair

Blue Diamond mated pair


Marlboro mated pair

Marlboro mated pair


 August 21, 2009

Welcome to the first installment of Bob’s Blog. It was inspired by the fact that my wife Gale and I just spent the weekend with old friends we met last Thursday. We attended the Midwest Cichlid Association 2009 Expo in Kansas City, MO, and a nicer group of people would be hard to find.

We had a wonderful time, and met a lot of new friends. The nine hour drive was well worth the effort, and from registraton to the unparalleled bar-b-que banquet, it was a great trip.

Bob & Gale at the 2009 MCA Expo

Bob & Gale at the 2009 MCA Expo

World leader in Cory Catfish spawns, Ian Fuller was in attendance and gave a couple of fantastic presentations on Cory catfish.

Ian and Bob at the 2009 MCA eXPO

Ian and Bob at the 2009 MCA Expo

I can’t wait to go to next year’s MCA Expo. All you unfortunates who missed it, don’t miss it again!

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