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Lately we have been asked by quite a few people why we don’t have pictures of our live plants on our website. The simple answer is that our plant varieties change according to inventory and what’s currently growing in our tanks.


Successful live plantings are often a frustrating endeavor for many hobbyists, and we are no exception. We don’t do the exotic-we sell mostly “meat-and-potatoes” plants. An exciting  new development in  our tanks is “Plant-Tastic” substrate-check out our web page on this excellent new product!


What we do offer is a nice variety of low to medium light-mostly-bullet- proof-almost-anyone-can-grow live plants. Our plant packages contain foreground, mid-ground and back of the tank plants, and our plants are healthy and snail free.


Below is a list of our regular stock inventory. Please note that not all of the varieties are in at all times, and we acquire specialty plants all the time, so be sure to call Bob to see what’s new. We test them in our own tanks, because if Bob can grow them, anyone can! So give us a call or email us to make sure that we have the plant you want is in stock.


Some tried and true plant varieties:


Valisneria-A great little runner-type plant. In low light Val spreads like grass in your tank. The higher the light, the taller it gets.


Corkscrew (americana) Val-Corkscrew Val adds interesting texture to your tank. Attributes are like regular Val. Plant it mid-tank.


Anubias-Coffeefolia, Congensis, and Nana-all tolerate low light. Nana and Coffeefolia are both nice foreground plants, while Congensis needs to be toward the rear of the tank. Rhizome.


Java Fern-We carry individual plants, as well as planted driftwood. Low light, easy to grown on just about anything!


Java Fern Lace-Same attributes as Java Fern, but sports a lacy look to the leaf. Nice planted in the foreground, we suggest planting this plant in groups of three-you can always separate later.


Cryptocoryne wendtii red-One of the most non-fussy plants when it comes to water conditions. Hard or soft water, Crypt in general adjusts. Note that if the plant “melts” in your tank, don’t throw it out, as it will come back.  Grows in low light, has a rusty-red color to the leaves and adds an interesting variegation to your plantings.


Madagascar Lace-low light, cool-to-cold water tank. Madagascar Lace is as beautiful as it is temperamental. We sell this plant in bulb-form because in our experience, it has been the easiest way to get them going without the frustration of having the leaves melt before it sends up more shoots.

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