Captain Bob’s Sink or Swim Fish Foods



I feed Captain Bob’s Sink or Swim Fish Foods because my fish are worth it…and so are yours!


“I began making my own fish foods because I wanted healthy ingredients in the food I feed my fish. I wanted a food to exceed tropical fish food standards; building a healthier immune system and adding vibrant color naturally-without the use of chemicals, fillers, or preservatives.  It went so well I just had to share it with my friends. Now I would like to share it with everyone.”   *Bob Borger 


After extensive research on fish nutrition and product manufacturing, Bob developed several varieties of foods to meet and exceed the feeding requirements of plant lovers and meat lovers, and from fry to adult. Tested across the United States, in Canada, and in Ireland, Captain Bob’s Sink or Swim fish foods have been touted by hobbyists and fish breeders as the finest fish food they have ever tried.  


Captain Bob’s “Sink or Swim” Fish Foods are specially formulated to provide your fish with essential elements to boost their immune systems while providing a tasty, preservative free, well-balanced diet of meat and vegetables. All Bob’s formulas are non-clouding and will fit right into your normal feeding regime. Bob’s new line of pro-biotic foods open a new chapter in maintaining healthy fish in your tanks.


Free of non-digestible fillers and cellulose, Sink or Swim Flake maintains a protein content of 45%, while the crumbled Adult Formula and Frenzy stays at 32%. Sink or Swim Fry Formula is also 32% protein. You will also not believe what fantastic color your fish will have!




Your fish will go ballistic over Bob’s Frenzy. Use it as a staple or mix it up with your other bottom feeder foods and stand back! Precision mixed and slow-baked, Frenzy is a low-moisture slow-sinking crumble which attract not only your bottom feeders, but your other fish as well. Tested by breeders across the country,  Frenzy has garnered great reviews.*

For extra “POW” in your fish food, FRENZY SUPER MAX  has added protein and Omega 3s

Captain Bob's Pleco Frenzy

Captain Bob’s Pleco Frenzy

Ingredients include  fish meal, dehydrated spinach, sweet potato, asparagus, and carrots, garlic, Omega-3 fatty acids, pure spirulina powder, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K.

And for your carnivors and omnivores: Try Beef Heart Frenzy for your Discus and other meat eaters.  Imagine! Feed beef heart without fouling the water! The same great Frenzy food with the meat your fish love.

Also try Liver Frenzy. Same superior ingredients as Frenzy, but with the added goodness of extra B and C vitamins and iron..


**All Bob’s foods are made with the best fresh, natural ingredients, Bob hand-trims his beefheart-absolutely NO conective tissues go into his foods, and no added corn meal.  Your fish metabolize 100%-no waste, just fantastic fish! 


PRICES for Frenzy, Frenzy SUPER Max, Beef Heart Frenzy, and Liver Frenzy: $15.00 per pound


**Now, for the first time, offered to the general public:


 Originally developed in 2009 exclusively for a top breeder of Guppies and Cory catfish, Guppy Magic livebearer and fry food is now being offered to the general public. Guppy Magic is a small, granular food which will help your livebearers thrive. Guppy Magic contains a combination of  vitamins and minerals your fish need with a taste your livebearers will love!  

***Endorsed by Guppyman (TM)



A small sinking pellet for your bottom feeders, containing 40% protein, 10% fat, and Omega fatty acids. $15.00 per pound.




Sink or Swim Flake food is a superior blend of high-quality, vitamin emriched flakes which can be used as a complete diet staple food for your breeders as well as in your community tank. Enticing and aromatic, our fish love it. Ingredients include earthworm, brine shrimp, beefheart, and spirulina flake, kelp, krill, and sprulina powder, astaxanthin, garlic powder, along with vitamins C, K, and Omega-3 fatty acids. New in 2014-Sink or Swim Flake Food is now Pro-Biotic, with eight strains of pro-biotic bacteria, which aids in breaking down proteins into amino acids, which are metabolic fuels for your fish.

Bob's Sink or Swim Adult Flake

Bob’s Sink or Swim Adult Flake

Guaranteed Analysis: 45% protien (minmum), 4% fat, 4.1% fiber, 8.1% moisture.

PRICE:  $20.00 per pound




Bob worked diligently on this unique food to make this the perfect slow-sinking granule. Chock-full of healthy ingredients, Sink or Swim Adult Granules are a healthy and tasty alternative to flake food.

Bob's Sink or Swim Adult Granules

Bob’s Sink or Swim Adult Granules

Ingredients include fish meal, plant and animal protein, other flavorings, pure spirulina powder, Vitamins A, D, and E, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Thiamin, and

Vitamin C.


PRICE: $10.00 per pound



Bob calls his fine powders “fry foods,” but these foods are also an excellent choice for juvenile and adults as well. Try it out on your live beareres, but don’t be afraid to feed it to your egg layers too!

Our powdered foods is 32% protein, finely ground and screened by hand.  Sink or Swim Powder is fortified with all the necessary ingredients to give your fry a healthy jump start on life, build stronger immune systems in your juveniles, and keep your fish in ultimate condition. Lighter than many other powdered foods on the market, Sink or Swim Powder stays in the water column longer to achieve maximum ingestion and less settling.

Bob's Sink or Swim Fry Food

Bob’s Sink or Swim Fry Food


 Sink or Swim Powdered Food

This food is a great way to round out your fry’s diet. Use it along with Bob’s micro worm cultures or your own brine shrimp and watch your fry take off !


Duck Egg Foo “Young”

This food enjoys the added punch of whole duck eggs. That’s right! Duck eggs are loaded with twice the amount of methionine, B vitamins, and Omega 3s that chicken eggs contain. The essential amino acid, methionine, helps digest fats and turn it into energy. So double your pleasure and give your fry the jumpstart they need with Duck Egg Foo “Young.”


Guppy Magic Fry

This is the same fantastic Guppy Magic you feed your adult fish, but reformulated and powdered for your fry. Babies need special nutrition that adult fish foods do not have. Adult foods also contain ingredients which fry cannot readily metabolize. Guppy Magic Fry is formulated especially for your fry, with their health, growth, and color in mind.


ATF  **New for 2014!

Get a blast out of your fish food dollars with new ATF (All Tropical Fish). This new granulated food is a complete all around diet you can feed whatever swims in your tanks. It floats, it slowly sinks, it will attract your picky eaters. Any fish which consumes a granulated food will thrive on ATF.

If you ever asked yourself,

“Can I feed this to my…(fill in the blank).” You can now answer yourself “Yes, I can!”

You will love this food, and so will your pocketbook.


PRICE FOR EACH: $15.00 per pound




Captain Bob’s Micro, Walter and Banana Worm Cultures are grown in a custom blend of vitamin enriched media to provide maximum growth and regeneration rates. Healthier, more robust worms equal healthier and more robust fry. Enriched with vitamin C, these worms provide this essential element to the first days of the free swimming stage of fry development.


A healthy working culture of the small worm varieties in Bob’s special media is shipped to you in an five-ounce container, ready to feed. Instructions for care and propagating future cultures are included.


Active Microworm Culture Ready to Ship

Active Microworm Culture Ready to Ship

Bob’s small worm media can also be purchased separately.


Small Worm Cultures: $5.00

Additional Media: $5.00 per five-ounce container