Grow Plants Like Mad!



Captain Bob has outdone himself in his quest to shed the stigma of having the blackest thumb in aquarium gardening!


 Aquatic plants need four basic elements in which to flourish in your tank:


 Carbon Dioxide

 Vital Minerals, and

 Substrate to hold them to the bottom of the tank


Introducing “Plant-Tastic” substrate for your planted tanks. Naturally enriched with essential minerals, Plant-Tastic comes in two sizes:

Coarse granule:

Plant-Tastic-Coarse Granule

…and fine granule:


Plant-Tastic – Fine Granule



We all know how our Corys love a fine granule substrate, and combining the two sizes makes a perfect mix for all fish. The fines sink to the bottom of the tank, making an excellent bed in which the roots of your plants will anchor and spread. Unlike dirt, the grainy sand-like texture will never pack down, nor will it foul the water.


If the fines are dislodged, they naturally sift back through the larger granules and settle back where they belong. The fine granules also release nutrients faster, and provide food for you plants right at the root system; where they are absorbed and distributed throughout the plant.


 Because of this loose structure, nutrients are readily absorbed by the roots so your plants can easily complete the photosynthesis process. Your plants are healthier and subsequently are able to eliminate more impurities from the water. This, in turn contributes to a healthy eco system for your tank.


Mixed Granules


 The coarse grains provide essential minerals naturally found in soil. They act as slow-release vitamins; continuously feeding your plants as they slowly dissolve. The coarse granules also look great as a stand alone substrate or mixed with your favorite aquarium gravel.


Stop replacing live plants that continually

 die off. Give Plant-Tastic a try!


Plantastic is $1.50 per pound


For a aquarium plant turbo-boost, try Plant-Tastic Rocket Fuel-a measure of Plant-Tastic substrate infused with a powerful, plant fertilizer which will feed the leaves of your aquarium plants, and never harm your fish.


Plant-Tastic “Rocket Fuel” is $5.00 in 20 gallon increments

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