Whether you are actively breeding plecostomus or have one or two in your community tank, our pleco caves are a must. We hand build our caves individually and they can be custom-sized to your specifications. Kiln fired, these caves will last for years.


Great Marketing Idea:

Do you send a cave along with your pleco sales?

 We can also stamp your company name on each cave you order.

 Do you name your plecos or want to personalize your cave? Tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen.


Our standard tube cave is the perfect size for bristle-nose or other smaller pleco.  The approximately 1 1/4 inch opening and six-to-seven inch length is the perfect depth for your male to safely guard his fry.

Small Tube Cave

Small Tube Cave


Some plecos like the clam shell-type of cave because of the wide two-to-three inch opening and dramatic narrowing toward the rear.

Clam Shell Cave

Clam Shell Cave


Wooden Caves are very popular because of their pleasing aesthetic attributes to a community tank, and your males can scrub the inside to their personal satisfaction. Attached to a piece of slate, you can order them plain, or with small planters or flowerpots (sporting live or artificial plants) on the sides of the caves. Many males become attached and even territorial about their caves, so be sure to keep plenty on hand!

Wooden Cave With Artificial plants

Wooden Cave With Artificial plants


Something we have recently tried with great success is the bamboo cave. We offer bamboo caves either planted or plain, and in a variety of sizes. Like our wood caves, their natural look and inviting interior invites your pleco to take up permanent residence.

Bamboo Cave with Artificial Plants

Bamboo Cave with Artificial Plants



Small Terracotta Tube: $5.00

Small Terracotta Clam:  $6.00 per cave

Plain Wooden Cave:  $10.00 per cave

Plain Bamboo Cave:  $5.00 per cave

Planted Wooden Cave (please specify live or artificial plants) $12.50 per cave

Planted Bamboo Cave (Please specify live or artificial plants) $7.50 per cave

Custom Sizing: Please Contact us for Pricing

Custom Lettering-Up to Ten Letters-$.50 per cave

Volume Discounts for Two Dozen or More Caves

Allow Three Weeks Delivery for Custom Orders

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