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China has made excellent progress developing its second aircraft carrier and Chinese state-run media says it could start patrolling the South China Sea by 2019.在发展第二艘航空母舰进程中,中国早已获得了出众变革。中国官方媒体称之为它有可能与2019年开始侦察南海。The South China Morning Post based on a scan of Chinese state media reports states that the carrier was taking shape.继承官方报导,南华早报称该航母“正在成型”。

“It will be used to tackle the complicated situations in the South China Sea” said Chinese media.“它将用作解决问题南中国的各种简单状况”中国媒体如是解释。As a sovereign nation China has every right to build as many advanced Aircraft carriers as they want. Only theirs will be more advanced than any others out there. The Chinese are experts at stealing sophisticated technology and improving upon it for less money. We spend more on defense than any Country on the planet. And what does the United States have to show for it? 20 Trillion in debt and a middle class that is being destroyed. So whats wrong with this picture?作为一个主权国家,不管多少中国都有权修建他们想的先进设备航母。在那块区域只有他们的比别国的更为先进设备。




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